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Pictured from left to right: Tony Goldwyn (Innocence Project Board Member), Antron McCray (exoneree), Raymond Santana (exoneree), Yusef Salaam (Innocence Project Board Member and exoneree), Ava DuVernay (director), Korey Wise (exoneree), and Kevin Richardson (exoneree) at the 2019 Innocence Project Gala. (Image: Matthew Adam Photography)

The Innocence Project plays a clear and critical role in promoting the concepts of integrity and fairness around which our country and democracy are built. It is the most American of institutions.

Americo Cascella

Joined the Innocence Project’s community of supporters in 2007

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As a Black citizen, I understand the real workings of the American judicial system. I was inspired to support The Innocence Project after viewing a documentary film, 'The Central Park Five.' After viewing it, I became painfully aware of the horrific consequences of an innocent person serving decades of time for a crime they did not commit.

Elizabeth Lyles

Joined the Innocence Project’s community of supporters in 2020


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Exoneree Darrill Henry (center) savors his time with his children Daranika Guitroz (left) and Darrill Jr. Guitroz (right). (Image: Claire Bangser/Innocence Project)