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From Our Executive Director

The Innocence Project continues to have a significant impact on the individual lives of wrongfully convicted people and the larger public. Amid turbulent times that saw a global pandemic, racial tumult, and a change of leadership in the organization, we made incredible progress in freeing the innocent, restoring lives, and transforming the systems that perpetuate injustice. Hear more from our Executive Director Christina Swarns.

We exonerated or freed 15 clients, who collectively spent 369 years in prison.
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Rafael Ruiz hugs his family after his exoneration in New York, N.Y., on Jan. 28, 2020.


policy wins across 21 states

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Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker shakes hands with exoneree Terrill Swift after signing the country’s first ban on the use of police deception in the interrogation of minors on July 15, 2021. (Image: Jean-Marc Giboux for AP Images/ Innocence Project)

We pushed back against unsubstantiated evidence.
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We provided holistic support to freed people.
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Robert DuBoise walked free in Tampa, Fla., in August 2020, after spending more than 35 years in prison for a 1983 rape and murder he did not commit. (Image: Casey Brooke Lawson for AP Images/Innocence Project)

We increased the capacity of the Innocence Network.

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Members of the Innocence Network Executive Board at a fall meeting in 2019.

928,000 new community members advocated for change.
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